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About Us

Kingfisher Education Services (NW) Limited is an established North West based company. We have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality and motivating workshops and training in the field of education for sustainable development. We have a specific expertise in pupil focused water workshops and developing educational resources.

Kingfisher Education Services is a group of highly motivated professionals who have embraced environmental education as the key in supporting children to make a difference in their local and global environment. We have been developing and delivering workshops and training for the last 20 years as individuals within the environmental and education sector, water and waste industries and as a team for the last four years.

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Meet the Team

Both company directors are experienced educators and trainers within the environmental education sector.

Janet Denver

Aka ‘Captain Recycle’ (by her son), always smiling and absolutely amazing with early years, KS1 and 2. Janet started her eco journey with North West Water in 1993 and spent 18 years of her time there with the Education team at Worthington Lakes Education Centre, developing and delivering outdoor education programmes. When the Education Centre closed, Janet and a number of the team set up Kingfisher Education Services (NW) Ltd and have been working with schools across the region ever since. Janet as all the team, really do practice what they preach; committed to reducing waste from landfill; recycling; reusing; collecting and sorting endless old plastic pots and boxes (much to the amusement of her family) for invent and make activities to name just a few daily chores.

Jayne Clarke

Our techy friend and creative brain. Any subject or even object can be designed and created into an exciting learning experience, which links to the curriculum. Now she has set herself up with a challenge or two!! Jayne worked with the Education Team at Worthington Lakes until 2010, when she moved to the waste management industry to set up an education service. Jayne then moved to Keep Britain Tidy as the Eco-Schools Team Leader. Jayne has frequently worked with other businesses linking their work to the national curriculum and designing fun, interactive activities for schools and pupils. Jayne is also an experienced trainer, over the years teaching and training adults as teachers who are new to environmental education or supporting them with Eco-Schools projects. Jayne, as Janet continues the ethos of her work at home; from growing all her own vegetables to having a wormery and keeping chickens.

Our colleagues

We also work with a number of other colleagues who support us in part time delivery including primary and secondary teachers, who have a range of experiences in schools, outdoor pursuit activities, special needs and private sector delivery.

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