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Climate Change

A highly participative half day workshop in which children develop their understanding of climate change, fossil fuels, renewable energy and problems that we may face in the future.

The workshop starts with an introduction to the concepts of climate change and global warming, the terminology and what it might mean for our planet.

Time permitting we can include an environmental audit where pupils are given an area of the school to review. Pupils will develop ideas for environmental changes that can be made to help reduce the schools carbon footprint.

Pupils will calculate 'How many worlds' they would need to support their energy use and play a fun and active energy game with a focus on changing daily activities to reduce carbon and energy.

Visit our Workshops for Schools page for more information about the groups and learners we work with.

Book now for your FREE water workshop.

Sponsored by United Utilities, we deliver a FREE half day water awareness workshop for primary school pupils.
A fun, stimulating hands on session for all, linking directly with the National Curriculum.

The Water Awareness workshop Friends of Eco Schools

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