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Minibeasts and Habitats

This half day workshop explores the world of minibeasts and the habitats they live in. Suitable for all Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.

The workshop enables pupils to explore the world of minibeasts and includes fun games that develop understanding of food chains, keys and adaptations. Pupils will plan where to find the minibeasts, the habitats they may live in and then 'hunt' for creatures outdoors. They will record their findings, identifying and grouping the creatures using classification keys. Even in the smallest of areas pupils almost always find creatures!

Some activities may only be available if the outdoor space or weather at school permits. We can also take inside minibeasts from different habitats for the children to look at and study.

This workshop links to many areas of the Science curriculum. Download the Minibeasts & Habitats National Curriculum links for more details.

Visit our Workshops for Schools page for more information about the groups and learners we work with.

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