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Water Filtering

Hands on science in the classroom.

The children take part in a half sday science investigation to determine the best way to clean dirty water. 

As a class, the children will find out where water comes from, what makes it dirty and what a water company does to make the water clean and safe to drink.

In small teams they will initially investigate substances that are soluble or insoluble in water followed by desiging and undertaking an experiment to create a water filter. The children will compete to create the 'cleanest' water in the class. The children will follow up their work by completing an investigation sheet, analysing thier results and completing a conclusion to their science investigaiton.

Follow up work can include the children designing another filter using different materials or using their imaginations, based upon their scientific understanding, to design alternative technologies for cleaning water.


This, with all the workshops delivered by Kingfisher Education, are fully risk assessed and materials and equipment are provided for all the children to fully partake in the activities.




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Sponsored by United Utilities, we deliver a FREE half day water awareness workshop for primary school pupils.
A fun, stimulating hands on session for all, linking directly with the National Curriculum.

The Water Awareness workshop Friends of Eco Schools

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